Happy Birthday Grandma!

This blog post blew my mind and cracked open my heart a little. Several Kleenex needed.

Dr. Dorian Leigh Roberts

So lately, I have been glued to a marathon of the Rocky movie series, I guess because they have been showing them on the AMC channel.  I remember the Rocky enthusiasm when I was younger.

…that he won some and lost some.

Really, at the time, I was too young to understand or really remember what was going on or how the movie might come to reflect my life.

Remember the older guy Mickey, the trainer, the coach?

I had one of those in my life too… she was my grandmother—Ella Mae Johnson.  Just like Mickey, she was short, tough, honest to the “T”, my motivator, my cheerleader, my trainer, my fighter and most importantly, my grandmother.

Ella Mae Johnson was born on January 18, 1918, in Dickson, Tennessee.  She migrated up from the south to Detroit, Michigan, to be with her sister Lovie Taylor.  My grandmother later…

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