Caldecott Medal Contender: A Fine Dessert

I’m sick.
The comments.
Can’t. Stop. Reading.
“priceless moments revolved around love of family”
-who were ripped away and sold at auction.
-whose very fathers were their mastters
-who were whipped and punished at the whims of the mistress
-who were raped by their fathers/masters
-who were rented out to other magnificent plantations enveloped by trees often never to be seen again

Wonders in the Dark

a fine dessert 1

by Sam Juliano

Mmmmm. Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.

Somewhere in the heavens Robert McCloskey is holding a copy of A Fine Dessert and is marveling at how the delectable results of berry picking have persevered over many generations.  His own concern in his classic Caldecott Honor book Blueberries For Sal of course was securing the raw materials despite the unanticipated stalking of a benign black bear.  The author and illustrator of A Fine Dessert – Emily Jenkins and Sophie Blackall – have brought homespun prominence to one of 2015’s most exquisite and irresistible picture books, one that confirms that time and place having little bearing on the universal appreciation of making something with your own hands, and then enjoying it with your loved ones.  To be sure, the vital ingredients in this mouth watering confection are not blueberries, but blackberries, but the culinary implications seem to imply fool can be made with…

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